alternative of peat moss

Top 4 Alternative of Peat Moss

Peat moss is non-living fibrous material that is formed when some living organisms and mosses get decomposed in peat bogs. It takes decades for...
take care of your garden during monsoons

Superb Ways to Take Care of your Garden During Monsoons

Rains prove to be one of the best gifts and blessings for your garden. The life giving water acts as a wonderful way for...
ways to take care of hanging flower baskets

Best Ways to Take Care of Hanging Flower Baskets

Don’t flower baskets just look amazing? Whether you have a garden at your home or not, flower baskets can still be used or hanged...
truths behind the popular gardening myths

Learn the 5 Truths Behind the Popular Gardening Myths

Gardening is an art and the real tricks of the trade can be gained only through experience. If you ask the gardeners about their...
weeding the foxtails

Weeding the Foxtails

Growing your own garden is always a difficult task, but nothing makes things harder than dealing with foxtails. This invasive grass-type weed can grow...
garden care is important

Why Garden Care Is Important?

Constant changing climate and ecological imbalances have transformed gardening from a hobby to necessity. In the modern context of high rise buildings no one...
green lacewings

The 10 Most Beneficial Insects for your Garden

You must have seen many different varieties of insects in your garden. Before you reach out for the insecticide, you must know that some...
plant hybridization

Plant Hybridization: A New Era of Cultivation

Hybridization is the process of breeding of a plant or an animal from a given stock with a plant or an animal from a...
garden mistakes you should avoid

The 4 most common Garden Mistakes you should Avoid

Gardening can always be considered a fun adventure and an ideal way to spend your time. It will definitely bring peace and it can...
spring gardening tips1

5 Fantastic Tips For Caring For Your Garden In Spring

Spring is a difficult time for garden owners as it is during this season that the maximum number of leaves and flowers fall off...

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