Light Up Your Beautiful Garden!


Every now and then it happens that I walk along some amazing pieces of landscaping that connects me with everything I dream, when I see the garden of my fantasy.

I guess all of us have soft spots as far as gardening is concerned and apart from the delightful feeling of knowing that our slice of nature is meeting every expectation we ever had as functionality and beauty goes, we truly want to see that it is special.

garden lights 1Planting, pruning and carrying for the plants is something we all think about when thinking of gardening but among the many activities that come to mind you must be aware that there is more to landscaping than just that.

If you want your garden to be unique and original focus on making it known both by day and by night and for that landscaping garden lights can create the dream realm you want to see in your garden.

By day, your garden looks amazing when the sunrays spread a warm light over the plants underlining the colors and creating the unique impression of the fairytale land.

When the night falls the same effect can be created by garden lights specially displayed to beautify the garden alleys and flower beds.

The light elements in your garden can bring new accents , because they can turn an ordinary display of plants into a mysterious universe where peace , fairytale and relaxation are at home spread in the air together with the calm light that lingers over the garden.

The spectacular details from your garden like statues, garden fountains or flower pots with impressive details can be underlined by the lights placed in the grass on the ground.

garden lights 2Did you know that plants reflect the light? Well, they do and this is why the right choice of plants will transform the garden in an oasis of beauty.

The flowers with white and yellow petals like Hortensias, Roses, Jasmine and Tulips receive a noble air when they are complimented by the light.

I saw gardens with a small lake in the middle, and gardens build around an artesian well that under the garden lights changed completely the way they looked by day.

The secret of creating such a beautiful image are the special lights that go under the water and also the lights that float on it.

Consider that the summer nights in which you would want to receive guests and invite them in your garden which will give you the opportunity to leave them speechless especially because they will enjoy the peaceful night air, the sound of the crickets in a garden where only pixies are missing to be considered a small “Never never land”

If you are the kind of person that would have to see the practical side of beauty, keep in mind that the narrow paths of the garden are not exactly safe.

So, garden lights are also a good idea if you want to avoid accidents like crushing your favorite flowers under your feet or twisting your ankles after a summer rain.