My Aromatic Garden Is The Joy Of My Kitchen

Most of the people wonder what to do with their yards no matter if they are big or small. Some see keeping the yard in order as a task, and most of the time an annoying one.

Others like to have a lot of green grass with flowers and some prefer to grow fruits and vegetables. Surely there are those who don’t mind how their back yard looks like and those who think that it is simply a storage space of some kind.

I think that a yard is perfect place where you can grow your own aromatic garden.

It is not as common, and might be a little harder to do, but all in all, it is definitely worth it.

Having a garden in my back yard is one of the best things I ever did for my home.

Having home grown aromatic plants is really a joy for the kitchen. And the aroma from the garden is also a joy I can share with my guest every day.

I decided to go with aromatic plants because that way the garden looks pretty and smells wonderful and in the same time it helps you get rid from all of the bugging insects inside the house. My marigolds and my rosemary fixed all the bug issues inside the house especially the mosquito one.

Besides the marigold and the rosemary I also have a lot of other types of plants. Among them are: parsley, cinnamon, basil, roses, lavender and mint.

growing mintIt is a real privilege having such a garden in your back yard. As I have mentioned, it looks really pretty, really colorful and decorative. Different aromas spread in different places of the yard and at different hours of the day.

This happens because some plants release their scent during the day, others in the morning and some in the evening and they all have different scent intensity. I find this very interesting and I think that this was the first reason I decided to do this.

The next thing is their use in the kitchen. I use a lot of the plants from my garden as spices for my food. My family loves roasted beef with a touch of basil or a sweet chocolate moose with cinnamon as dessert.

They can also be used as a decoration around the house because of their intense colors, plus the lavender neutralizes the smell of the cigarette smoke so I like to have it in my living room when any guests arrive.

The lavender also provides me with moth protection so I always keep a small branch or a dried leaf in the closets around the house.

lavenderHaving such a garden can be demanding. Most of the plants of this type require a lot of attention, but I don’t mind it. The beautiful smells give me a sort of aromatherapy and I can literally spend hours in my garden without even noticing it and walk out of it relaxed. Sometimes I even spend time in there when I don’t need to anything for the plants.

I must say it was a bit tricky to create it. I needed a lot of fertile soil in order to plant them but after I dealt with that it was pretty simple. Enough water and sunlight will make every plant blossom. In the end, it is like the garden rewards you for every effort you put in it with its uses.

So if you are looking for a tip or you can’t decide what to do with your back yard, I think that an aromatic garden will be the perfect choice.

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