The Fantasy Garden For The Children’s Fairytale


When you are a parent and you have a garden on the back of your house it comes as the most natural fact that the garden in question will be turned into the plaything of your children.

You as a parent will do your best to turn the place into a safe haven but who says that you cannot also create a paradise for them and in the same time an amazing place where you can spend the afternoon entertaining friends.

A large garden can easily be turned into a fairytale space and following a few simple steps your child will step into the land of fairies and spend amazing moments outside.

Every garden has to have a centerpiece and if you want it to be a fountain, pick a fountain tall enough so your young one will not get wet. Keep in mind to surround it with fairytale characters statues and the story can begin.

Remember that your little one will need a playground and that playground needs to be far from the grass. This is why creating paths for him and everybody else to walk through the garden is a good idea.

River stones will do the trick but sandstone bricks can be also a very practical choice. Making the paths cross the garden will help the child have fun and will also keep him off the grass.

The garden playground can be a sand box and if you do not have a sand pit or the availability to dig one you can buy a plastic one and bury it in the ground. You can surround it with small shrubs that will provide shade and also plant tall grass and wild flowers to make it look like a fairy playground.

Next to the sand box you can install a play house. This trick will allow you to keep the toys in one place and will also offer a hideaway for your children.

On the interior walls of the garden you can grow morning glory and honeysuckle which will bring their perfume into the magical world you create for your child but they will also add a touch of magical beauty with their bloom.

If you feel the need to let their imagination fly, arrange to have a few shrubs sculpted as fairytale creatures or as any fantastic character you want.

Still if you need to also add a practical touch to your garden, feel free to plant beautiful flowers everywhere. Rose shrubs, azalea, lilies and many other flower plants will beautify the whole place and let your friends wide eyed when they come to visit and spend time in your garden.

The functional part of the garden can be set on the opposite side of the playground and this way your gardening efforts will not be endangered by the child’s games and you can also take advantage of the time spent gardening to keep an eye on his activities.

The Fantasy Garden For The Children’s Fairytale

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