Top Of The Building Is My Paradise Garden


Life in the city can be boring. All the asphalt and concrete, all the cars and buildings can make you feel like suffocating. I’m a person who would still love to see something green every once in a while but the fast paced life that the city makes you feel while you are living in it, doesn’t give me that pleasure as often as I want.

terrace garden designI live in a building and I had no choice but to make the top of the building my own paradise garden. What I had in mind was a Mesopotamian palace like garden but as the work progressed I got something else and I was very proud of it.

I went to look for some flowers and plants that will allow me to have that terrace like garden, but when I saw what I had to choose from I realized that it will not be that easy.

All sorts of different flowers and plants caught my eye but in the end I decided to go with grass, some lemon and lime trees along with some smaller types of palms.

As for the flowers I chose more than 50 different types.

I had different types of lilies, azaleas, alliums, begonias, dahlias, camellias, tulips, scillas… and the lists goes on. That way I’ve finished with what I thought was the hardest part, making up my mind what my garden will be made of.

It turned out that the planning and the arranging of the garden will be the toughest thing to do. What to plant where, where to put chairs where to put paths. Those were the things that bothered me the most. I made sketches and plans to help me decide.

It was spring so the garden had the sunlight it needed and with my attention it was in blossom in no time. It took time to water it every day, plants and flowers need your attention but when you are doing it time flies by. It is very peaceful and calming, you simply enjoy doing it. I even installed a small fountain for relaxing in the afternoons. It was beautiful.

garden on the topDoing like I did you have your own touch of nature, a colorful garden that is a feast for the eyes and a cure for the mind. And the best thing is that it is right where you live, you don’t have to travel to get there. Small stone pathways, cherry wood chairs, a fountain in the middle and a lot of different colorful flowers mixed with green plants. It is truly a paradise.

Soon everyone from the building has seen my garden, and very often they would sneak on the rooftop without me knowing, but they cared for the garden too. Who would not want to read a book or to gaze at the stars at night in a place like that?

And as winter was getting closer I had no choice but to convince them to turn the garden into a glass greenhouse so that the flora inside can survive the winter. Because every one loved it, it was not hard to convince everyone to join the team. So it was not as hard and as expensive as if it were if I was to do it alone. There were a lot of us, so the work and the expenses were split among us.

Today we still take care and enjoy our little peace of heaven on the top of my building. I had no previous knowledge or experience with gardening, and still I managed to accomplish this. Let this be an encouragement for all of you who want to be a part of something like this. Know this, if I could do it, you sure can do it too.