3 Key Factors To Consider While Growing Poinsettias


poinsettiasPoinsettias, being the most popular flower of holiday season, strike bright living color for your house during the dreary winter season.

Improper watering and lack of proper care is the main culprit for demise of Poinsettias.

If you are daunted with Poinsettias, the process of protecting the plant and caring in its first season is extremely imperative.

  1. Light
  2. Poinsettias are tropical plants and they certainly appreciate direct sunlight. So, sunny areas of your house are perfectly suited places for Poinsettias. West, east or south facing windows are more preferable for placing poinsettia plants.

  3. Water
  4. Sufficient water for the plant is a top priority in order to achieve complete bloom result. Even too much water is detrimental to the roots of Poinsettias and also too little water leads to demise of the plant. Water the roots of the plant when you notice dry surface, but don’t allow the plant to sit in a pot of water as it will murder the plant.

  5. Humidity
  6. For thriving of houseplants, particularly in dry winter seasons, lack of humidity can be a big issue. If you feel that your house lacks sufficient humidity, place Poinsettias in a direct sunlight and ensure that you water them everyday.