Add Fragrance And Beauty To Your Garden With Sweet Peas


Lovely fragrance, glowing colors and ruffled blossoms of sweet peas make them most irresistible plants to grow in your garden.

You can simply arrange them in a bouquet and put them in your room to enjoy the exquisite fragrance of sweet peas.

However, not all varieties of sweet peas are fragrant, but can give exceptional blossoms for long seasons.

Planting sweet peas

Sweet peas are often grown on bamboo tripods and they can be easily grown through shrubs.

You can also plant them in your vegetable garden to attract bees and other pollinators. They can also be grown along the path or fence of your garden to enhance the beauty of the garden.

Directly sow seeds of sweet peas into your garden in early November or late January. Choose a place in your garden that receives maximum sun light. Ensure that the soil is deep, moist and also well drained.

Before planting sweet pea seeds, add plenty of organic matter to soil, which makes the growth of plant easier and faster.

Maintenance of sweet peas

Don’t forget to water sweet pea plants and keep them moist always to get full bloom. There is risk of aphids to sweet pea plant. So, when you notice aphids on sweet pea plants, simply wash off them with a blast of water.

Remember that sweet pea plants can give you more blooms if you pick them more. So, try to pick the flowers to continue the bloom before they reach to seed production stage.