Amazing Trees in Bloom for a Spectacular Garden


The trees in bloom are surely a spectacular addition to the garden. Here are the most fascinating ornamental trees which can become the “piece de resistance” in your garden.

trees in bloom

Magnolia grandiflora is specific to the south of the world and has an imposing height equaled only by its imposing flowers. This tree can be found in many flowering species. Magnolia Soulangeana blooms in early spring bringing to life amazing purple and white flowers.

Magnolia Liliiflora creates purple flowers in the middle of spring, while Magnolia Elisabeta produces unusual yellow bloom. Magnolia Galaxy is rather resistant to the mild spring frost so this is why this special variation is grown in the northern areas of Europe.

Cercis canadensis is the herald of spring in your garden. It is easy to take care of and grows extremely fast. Its bloom is pink and red and comes before the leaves in the first weeks of spring. Cercis chinensis – Avondale – is perfect for the narrow places while Cercis occidentalis is perfectly adapted to the dry climate and rocky terrain.

The ornamental cherry tree is part of the large Prunus family and includes a large number of hybrids all with amazingly looking flowers. The species that are totally worth the effort are the Japanese cherry tree with its arched shape and white, graceful, heavily scented flowers.

Prunus Okame is the ornamental cherry tree that blooms the earliest covering itself in an explosion of pink and red flowers. The most beautiful one remains the Prunus Kwanzan grown for its spectacular pink, double flowers.

Koelreuteria paniculata shines in the summer sun because of its yellow scented flowers. The flowers are followed by seed pots looking like paper lanterns colored in brown and pink which stay on all through the winter. It is a very easy to grow tree and it is perfect to guard narrow areas or parking lots.

The Malus species is the relative of the wild apple tree. The reddish buds bloom in pink and white creating one of the most beautiful spring color show. The tree is very sturdy resisting well in colder areas. There are thousands of varieties among which the Indian Summer with pink-red flowers is the most spectacular. This is also the species that produces red delicious fruit.