Azalea – The Princess Of Your Garden


There is one famous sweet fragrance flower, which is known as the royal among all other flowers. This flower is called Azalea and would give colorful and classy images in your garden.

azaleaAzalea can be seen in many varieties, but what its best feature is; almost all of them can be easily grown on any kind of soil.

The large majority of Azaleas are growing in the spring, so the best time for planting is at the end of the spring or at the beginning of the fall.

If you are planning to put this flower in your garden, choose evergreen Azalea, but make sure the flower will be on a sheltered place, protected from bright sun and wind.

azalea flowersAs a princess, this flower will be a little whimsical, but the result is worthy. First step is to make sure that the soil is drained and humus rich. The right Azalea place must be partially in the shade, but not too humid, because this might destroy the foliage.

Azalea loves the sun, but make sure, the place you are locating it isn’t the sunniest in your garden. Azalea stays great near doors and cottage borders, because these are the places where the sun and the shadow are proportional.

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