7 Beautiful Gardens in China that will Leave you Spellbound

7 beautiful gardens in China that will leave you spellbound

Chinese imperial and traditional gardens have always enamored people from all over the world. Those who are interested in the study of Chinese ancient history and architecture often end up loitering across these gardens to get a closer look.

If you go through any list of beautiful gardens across the world, you will most likely find Chinese gardens on the list. You will marvel at the brilliant architecture that pervades through these gardens and want to visit them whenever given an opportunity.

7 beautiful gardens in China that will leave you spellbound

In this article, we have shortlisted seven such brilliant gardens in China which will leave you spellbound.

1. Yuyuan Garden

Situated in the Huangpu District in Shanghai, the Yuyuan Garden is one of the most serene gardens of all times. Here in the garden, you will see beautiful bridges and ancient buildings representing the best of Chinese culture and heritage.

The garden was originally a private garden used by a powerful government official in the Ming Dynasty. Now, it has become a public and a popular place in Shanghai.

Tourists can enjoy nearby facilities provided such as the City God Temple, Shanghai Old restaurant, Nanxiang Steamed Dumpling restaurant and what not.

2. Lingering Garden

A strong sense of peace and satisfaction will linger in your mind when you visit the Lingering garden. Located in Suzhou, the garden is known for its brilliant layout and variety of extraordinary rocks that decorate it. It is among the famed four gardens of China!

Lingering Garden features most buildings among several other Suzhou gardens. You will find halls, walls, doors, corridors, and small yards of varying shapes and sizes.

The most remarkable aspect of the Lingering garden is the use of refined architectural techniques that reflect the best of Jiangnan style.

3. The Summer Place

One of the greatest Chinese gardens ever, the Summer Place is a place which must be visited whenever you come to China. Also known as the Royal Garden Museum, it is one of the largest and well-maintained parks which is situated in the Haidian District in Beijing.

The beauty of the Summer Palace lies in its presentation of a harmonious blend of lakes, rocks, trees, bridges, paths, and pavilions. The garden displays the heritage of the imperial family and gives out an inexplicable sensation of harmony between nature and man.

Here in the garden, you get to access a number of recreational facilities, and the most popular one is boating in the Kunming Lake which is a summer attraction.

4. Norbulingka

Norbulingka is located in the western region of Lhasa city, southwest of the famous Potala palace. Affably known as the Summer Palace of Lhasa, the garden is home to many ponds, plants, white and red walls and yellow-tiled roofs, to name a few.

The Garden is considered to be a remarkable example of Tibetan architecture, with historical relevance as it was used to be a governmental building where all major governmental and religious activities occurred.

The Garden is lit with people and excitement during the Sho Dun Festival when you get to see a number of performances including famous Tibetan opera shows.

5. Chengde Summer Palace

Situated about 200 km from Beijing, the Chengde Summer Palace is presently largest imperial garden which was once a place for imperial administration and now a stunning place for achieving relaxation.

The garden houses the lake zone, palace zone, plain zone and mountain zone quite perfectly, absorbing the uniqueness of natural beauty and displaying the characteristics of Jiangnan water towns and grasslands. Moreover, there are about 20,000 imperial antiques that are showcased in the Chengde Imperial Summer Resort.

6. Humble Administrator’s Garden

The Humble Administration Garden is an epitome of imperial gardens in China. Noted as the biggest Chinese classical garden extant, it houses little hills, pine trees, small lakes and bamboo houses.

It is the layout of the garden that leaves the onlooker spellbound. It is well-designed and reflects the laudable ingenuity of our forefathers. The buildings are situated with water around, and with a harmonious blend of ancient trees, rocks and gardens, you get to have a holistic display of the marvels of the Ming Dynasty and its legacy.

7. Jichang Garden

Situated at the foot of the Huishan Mountain, Jichang Garden is a famous classical garden in eastern China which was built in accordance with the mountain. The garden is known as the Qin Garden, a name derived from the surname of its owner.

The garden has a rich history: it was once a dorm of monks; a villa-style garden known as Fenggu Mountain Villa; eventually became what it is now.

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