Blooming Shrubs – A Garden Treasure All Through Summer


Flower shrubs are a sight for sore eyes hungry for garden beauty. Delicate in appearance, these are fabulous plants created to endure sun and drought and produce beautiful flowers.

Usually they come in bloom when the spring flowers are gone from the garden and that is why it’s important to place them in key spots in your garden like along the fence or under the windows of your house.

blooming shrubs 1

Hydrangea likes shady places with moist soil that benefits its white, pink or blue flowers. Bluebeard shrubs are mighty pretty and endure almost anything except very high temperature. Their violet flowers attract bees and butterflies.

blooming shrubs 2

The butterfly bush comes from the same family but it thrives in the sun and stays in bloom till autumn. The China Rose loves exactly the same conditions and it is quite spectacular with its color changing flowers from yellow to red.

Carolina Allspice is very spectacular looking but also a very less pretentious plant. Not at all delicate, this one blooms in the drought and full sun and it is not at all picky as soil is concerned.

blooming shrubs 3

These are only a few of the pretty wonders you should have in your garden. Imagine how many more can you hold as treasures and let your imagination fly. The result will be breath taking.

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