Christmas Cactus For A Colorful Holiday Spirit


Christmas CactusZygocactus truncatus, Epiphyllum truncatus or Schlumbergera truncatus commonly known as Christmas cactus is originated from Brazil and it is part of the Cactuses family harboring plants familiar in desert areas and in American jungle where they grow hanging from tree branches.

It does not have thorns like a usual cactus but has curved branches in vivid green.

It grows to about 30-50 cm and hangs over the pot. It likes shade in the summer and a lot of humidity in the air.

It is usually planted in spring after the bloom has faded, using soil with high granulation and if possible a combination of garden soil, sand, coal and brick shreds because the plant is used to a bed rich in phosphates and potassium salts.

It likes large spaces with around 10 degrees constant temperature especially in the winter. It is better to use rain water for the plant’s watering or if it is not possible, water for every 2 days old tap water. In summer, the plant enjoys the showers.

As the temperature drops the plant starts to produce buds and flowers. From this moment on it must not be moved because it will lose the flowers. The flowers are red, pink, white or violet and stay on for almost a week.

When bearing flowers, the Christmas cactus looks amazing and can be compared with a real jewel for any home it is living in.