Cyclamen Make Your House Look Truly Magical


Cyclamens or correctly known as “Cyclamen persicum” are one of those flowers, which open the look of your garden in bright colors.

cyclamen pink

All you have to know while growing cyclamens is that they are Mediterranean plants and typically come into growth in autumn, grow in the winter and in the spring.

In order to help cyclamens to feel more comfortable growing on different conditions is to stop watering them in the time of their full flowering. This must happen in the beginning of April.

cyclamen white

Leave them until the flowers fade and replace them on dry and shattered place in the summer. These are the dormant months for the cyclamens, but you need to keep in mind that too humid places will destroy their roots.

You can keep the cyclamen outside in the hot summer days, but when the first frost begins, immediately change their place and move them inside the house.

In September, when usually their growth begins, make sure you are watering them enough.

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