Don’t Have Enough Space To Plant Roses? Try Pots


rose plantRoses are very popular amongst gardeners the whole world over, although they can take up a lot of space and if your outdoor space is small that can be a problem.

There is a solution, and that is to grow them in pots. [Growing Roses]

All roses require sunshine, at least for part of the day; this can even be indoors on a sunny windowsill.

There are certain varieties that are smaller and therefore more suited for life in a container.

Most species have a good scent but not all, so be careful when selecting the perfect rose for you.

Color choice is endless and again only you can decide which one you desire over any other.

As well as the choice of plant try to match it up with the right container, there is a vast range available, and if you need to move them quite regularly then weight is an important factor.

Most roses are thorny so be sure to protect your hands when you are removing from the plastic container that it came in. Tease out any roots, especially if the plant is in anyway pot bound.

At the base of the selected pot put a layer of earth and then put the rose on top. Gradually fill in the rest of the pot with more earth firming it in gently as you go.

Leave a gap at the top of at least one inch to allow for watering, and then do just that. Every plant indoor or out needs a thorough watering after planting.