Easiest Flower In The World To Grow


marigoldThe Humble Marigold, with its bright colors, different varieties and many hues and lovely fragrance is one of the easiest flowers in the world to grow.

It is quick growing, hardy, resistant to many pests and a wonderfully cheerful flower to have around.

Small wonder then, that the marigold has such a special significance in so many cultures.

Growing marigold can be literally as simple as crushing a dry marigold flower between your fingers and distributing the seeds contained into a pot or into a flower bed!

You could of course grow them from specially bought seeds but you can really take a dry flower and crush it to plant. After you have put in the seeds, lightly cover them with a thin layer of soil and water lightly.

You can even grow them on your windowsill in a pot, as long as it gets substantial sunlight, which this plant needs. You should see the first shoots between 4 to 14 days.

Fertilizing the plants periodically will give you better flower yields, but these plants will flower even without lawn fertilizers. For the most part, all that these hardy, fragrant and easy to grow plants seem to need is water, sunshine and little else!