Edible Flowers Are The Cherry On The Cake Of Gardening


Edible flowers are one of the most beautiful ornamental plants that can be grown in your garden. The most common edible flowers are violets, roses, nasturtium, sage, bee balm and daylily.

nasturtium plantThey are often used as a perfect decoration for cakes, salads and even meals. You need to cut the flowers and harvest them in the day you are planning to use them. The cut is allowed when you see that flowers are mature. Grow your flowers without any pesticides.

rose plantWhen you cut them, make sure you are not washing them, because that might actually bruise the petals. Place them into a water pot, but make sure that is not a vase, simply because flowers like violets don’t have a strong stem and vase wouldn’t work for them.

In case you are going to prepare your flowers for use, make sure they are not wet. Decoration with edible flowers would only work if the flowers are not wet. Before their usage place them on a paper towel that will absorb the moisture.

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