Edible Flowers To Add Fun To Your Garden


edible flowersWho ever said flowers are only grown to enhance the appearance of a place?

Some people actually grow flowers so that they can add them to their food dishes. [Growing Flowers]

The flavor and the aroma blend in well with different types of cuisines and some salad types.

However not every flower is edible. You can’t throw every flower into the cooking pot as some tend to be poisonous or not so great in taste. You would rather leave them in the flower garden just for their beautiful appearance.

Make sure you choose carefully the type of flower you are going to use for cooking purposes. If you are not sure, then consult an herbalist, because it’s better safe than sorry.

You need not worry about where to plant them. Pot or flower bed, you can still use either or both just like when planting flowers, just make sure you plant them in different varieties in order to protect them from the spread of diseases and infections.

Mulch is important for the retention of soil moisture and weed control so make sure you add about two inches of mulch to your garden of edible flowers.

When it comes to pest control, mind the pesticide that you are going to use. Preferably purchase ones that are specified for edible flowers either on the bottle or as advised by an herbalist or shop attendant. If possible, avoid the use of pesticides on these plants and use organic pest control methods.

Plant vegetation around these flowers that are going to attract insects such as lady bugs. Lady bugs enjoy pests. Avoid overhead irrigation if you want to reduce the occurrence of pests and disease on your plants, just stick to the traditional hosepipe.

Flowers that are edible include basil which is an annual flower and has an herbal flavor to it. If you want flowers with a spicy flavor added to them then plant flowers like; Broccoli, Arugula, Nasturtium and Signet Marigold.

Different flavors come with different flowers and besides spicy you may also plant flowers that are sweet, bitter, vegetal, fruity, peppery, honey-like and celery. Just take your pick or if you have a fairly large planting area then you can plant most of them.

Edible flowers also require a well drained soil. The soil’s pH should not exceed 6 and should not fall below 5.5.  Grow your flowers away from the garden, loan and other plants so that you don’t spray them by mistake and to avoid any chemical spray drift.

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