Geraniums Are Easy To Care For During Winter


In winter, geraniums not ask for a lot of your attention being unusually robust plants.

The temperature during winter must not drop under 5 Celsius degrees and the soil must be only scarcely watered.

geranium flowers

The best way to water geraniums during winter is not more than once a week. The light is not very important for this plant but it is very sensitive to the cold so at the first sign of frost it can be in danger.

geraniumsThis is why you have to make sure you get the geraniums inside in the beginning of November.

The soil from the geranium pot must be very rich in nutrients. It is better to use garden soil mixed with sand.

You can use liquid organic fertilizer but be very careful about the quantity because a high concentration can damage the roots of the plant.

The geranium likes a well ventilated spot with suitable light. A large attention must be offered to the humidity.

The humidity of the soil must be kept constant but in the same time the air humidity must be higher. If the plant is excessively watered the plant’s roots can become rotten.