Grow Different Varieties Of Dahlia Flowers To Make Your Home Garden Colorful!


dahlia flowersDahlia flowers win gardener’s heart with its ease of growth and massive blooms. This is one of the most popular flowering plant of summer.

Usually, Dahlia plant do not survive in winter frosts and hence it should be dug in early fall.

It is very easy to grow dahlia and you can start dahlias indoors before planting them in your home garden or by planting them in the open ground after the weather becomes warm.

You can put dahlia tubers into pots which contains organic mix, 6 weeks before planting them in your garden.

Whether the plants are already in leaf or not growing, set the roots of the plant 3-6” deep into the soil horizontally. If the leaf growth has already started, carefully eliminate the lowest leaves to encourage the growth of additional roots.

Provide sufficient water and fertilize liberally throughout the season with manure, bone meal, fish emulsion or other fertilizers that have very less nitrogen content.

Take necessary steps to control diseases and pests [Pest control]. To avoid spread of viruses, immediately destroy the plant with yellow streaked and twisted leaves.

If you take proper care in growing dahlias, big flowers with stunning colors will be your reward.