Grow Sunflowers To Attract Birds And Butterflies Into Your Garden!


sunflowersNot just being a beautiful flower, sunflower has amazingly variety of uses.

It is one of the most popular summer flowers and also easy to grow, often cultivated by many people.

Do you know sunflowers can grow 20 feet tall and blooms over two feet in diameter? Just like their name, sunflowers adore full sun and warm weathers.

They are available in various types with standard sunny yellow shades.

Growing sunflowers attracts birds, bees and butterflies into your garden. It is quite easy to grow sunflowers and they need very little maintenance.

If you want to include these beautiful flowers in your garden, follow these simple tips.

Tips to grow sunflowers:

Choose resistant quality and right variety of sunflowers and if you want to grow tall sunflowers, try specific varieties such as moonwalker or Russian giant.

Sunflower needs sufficient amounts of water to produce full bloom. Make sure that they are well-watered and ensure that your watering reaches the roots of the plants, rather than touching the soil surface.

They like sunny position. So, plant the seeds in an area that receives full sunlight in your garden. Grow them as fence in your garden that makes an excellent spontaneous screen in your garden for late summer.

To ensure that your sunflowers keep producing full bloom, respond to what they need that is lot of sunshine and water.