Grow Yourself A Vertical Garden


Colorful flowers, amazing perfume, a sea of green leaves hanging on the walls of your house create a perfect vision for sure.

It’s up to you to create it and you would not believe how easy it is to create a vertical garden. The hanging species of plants are easy to grow, they just need to be planted and watered regularly to grow into an amazing display of color.

There are two types of climbing flowers: ones that are climbing the wall by themselves and ones that need some help to do that.

Here are the most beautiful flowers you could use for a vertical garden:

Honeysuckle has the most amazing smell and if you let the windows of the house opened you will enjoy to the maximum its sweet scent that lasts for weeks in a row. The plant is original from Asia but it adapts perfectly to all the climates.

Glycine is the queen of climbing plant with amazing purple flowers and enchanted scent. It loves the sun and the semi-shadow and it is spread all over the world.

White jasmine is equally famous for its amazing scent and the beauty of its flowers. It blooms from June to September and is very easy to grow.