Growing Anemone For Late Summer Or Autumn


Anemones are clear beautiful flowers with colors such as pink, purple and red.

Anemone includes broad family of plants and come in several classifications from very tender to quite tough plants.

How to grow Anemone?

Anemone can add height and clear colors in your garden in late summer/autumn garden.

Even though they are lovely bloomers, Anemones require keen attention and care. Here are few tips that can help you to grow Anemones.

Choosing Anemone

Plants with dried Bulbs of anemone are available in nurseries. So, choose such type of plants and avoid choosing bulbs with mold or other infections.

Site for Anemone

Find a location in your garden, where the soil drains well and has rich contents of organic matter. Look for a place in garden that receives full sunlight, as sun light is most important factor in growth of anemone plants.

Planting Anemone

Soak the bulbs of anemones in lukewarm water before few hours of planting. This can help them as a little wake up call.

While they are in water, you can prepare the layout and soil for planting anemones. Set anemone plants 12 to 18 inches apart and place the plants no deeper. After planting, water the area well until the soil is completely moist.

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