Growing Crocus To Brighten Spring Garden


crocusThe crocus is a type of perennial plant that grows wildly in the woodlands and meadows. It makes a great addition to your spring garden.

The name doesn’t really portray a beautiful flower though.

When hearing the name for the first time you would think its part of the cactus family. But when you see it for yourself, it’s beautiful and has many different types under its name.

It can brighten up your spring garden along with other flowers and it is usually the early bird when it’s time to bloom.

When planting the crocus, make sure that the hole is 5 inches deep but it’s only supposed to be in 3 inches down. The other two inches are filled up with a teaspoon of bulb food.

They can be planted in singles but if you really want that effect for your garden then you should plant them in groups. It is not affected by overcrowding so don’t worry about putting too many.

But there is no need to put so many of them in one group. Just a few will be fine and you will be amazed when they bloom.

Enrich the soil with compost so that it has all it needs for a healthy plant growth. It is a fast bloomer so it eats up a lot of food. Depriving it the sufficient nutrients will lead to stunted growth. Take it easy on the watering.

They do not want too much water either. The soil has to be damp during spring for good growth not necessarily wet. Water the bulbs twice in five weeks so that the root system is established.

Make sure that your crocuses are about 4 inches apart from each other when planting them individually. Or that each set of crocus is 3 inches apart.

Too much sunshine will affect their growth and too little of it may result in the flower not growing at all. An average of about 8 hours of uninterrupted sunshine is required for optimum growth.

If you take care of it properly, the crocus can last up to 20 years. It really is hassle free and does not demand much time and energy from you. Because when it blooms you leave it to grow alone.

Instead of planting crocus in their own flower bed, you can plant them in the midst of lawn. Your lawn will look lovely with crocus scattered all over.