Growing Exotic Boat Orchids Or Cymbidiums


boat orchidsGrowing boat orchids or cymbidiums is becoming increasingly popular.

Be aware that they will very quickly need to be potted on to a bigger container as they are a very vigorous species.

The pseudo bulbs that the cymbidium produces can be divided in the spring to make more plants.

Ideally, specialist orchid compost should be used when growing them and care must be taken to avoid over watering. [How To Make Compost]

Dividing the plants every couple of years will prevent the orchids becoming sickly and pot bound. First, you should gently remove it from the existing pot then divide it into pieces, consisting of at least three pseudo bulbs. The plant will usually pull apart quite easily but if not a knife can be used with care.

When transplanting, ensure that the cymbidiums are above the compost level and that any new growth is at the top. This species prefer to be a little overcrowded so don’t be too generous in the size of the new container.

It will take up to ten weeks for the new root system to become established and they should be kept in a shady spot until that happens.

It won’t be long before your new stock of this beautiful orchid will be filling your home with wonderful blooms and you can even give them as a present to friends and family. They can be kept looking perfect by removing any dying leaves.

These breathtaking winter flowering plants have been popular since the time of Queen Victoria and it is easy to see why.