Growing Tulips To Add Beauty To Your Garden

tulipsTulips make wonderful contribution to any garden with their magical colors and intoxicating scent.

Growing tulips in your garden will certainly guarantee your garden to be the envy of every garden owner in your neighborhood.

Tulips are originally from Central Asia and Turkey.

They found their way from Turkey to Holland in the 16th Century and became popular world wide from then onwards. In Holland tulips are grown in great amounts and exported around the world together with Dutch bulbs and daffodils.

Tulips come in a wide assortment of colors including red, orange, yellow, purple, white, black and bicolor. When growing tulips you must keep in mind that they come in a variety of early, mid and late blooming types.

When you buy tulip bulbs always go for the finest quality and consider that the size of the bulb does determine the quality of the bloom. This means that the bigger bulbs will produce better blooms.

If you buy the tulip bulbs too early you should keep them in a cool and well ventilated area because if you store them in a stuffy hot place they will die.

Choosing a spot to plant the tulip bulbs is very important especially if you want to show off your beautiful flowers when they have bloomed. Prepare the soil removing weeds and stones.

You can add organic manure and fertilizer into the soil to ensure maximum growth and blooming of the flowers although tulips can grow in almost any type of soil. Make sure the soil is moist but not too wet before you plant the tulip bulbs.

When growing tulips you must give the tulips a period of 2 to 4 weeks to develop their roots because watering them too early can make the roots vulnerable to rot and diseases. The best season to plant tulips is during fall when the weather is cool. This is especially true for the spring blooming tulips.

After the flowers have finished blooming you should leave them to die off on their own. When the tulips have finished blooming and look like they are dead, they actually will be sending their energy to be stored in their bulbs so that they can use it during the next season.

You can also force your tulips in the flower pots to bloom during winter. What you simply do is take out the flower pots and leave them out in the cold in the few months.

When you finally bring them indoors where the conditions are warmer, the tulips will bloom in no time at all. If you follow some of these important aspects when growing tulips you will certainly add beauty to your home garden.

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