How To Grow African Violets Indoors?


African violets are wonderful blooming plants that can be grown easily indoors.

If you succeed in providing good growing conditions, you can enjoy the joyful bloom of African violets all year long.

Here are few tips and tricks that you have to follow while growing African violets indoors.

Provide proper lighting: Insufficient lighting certainly hinders the flowering of the plant. African violets must be exposed to sunlight at least 10 hours in a day. Ensure that violets are kept in place that receives maximum bright light in a day.

Enough water is essential: African Violets can be watered from two ways. One is watering from the bottom (actually preferable) by emerging the pot in standing water and the other is to water from its top. But, don’t just splash the water; rather ensure that the roots of the plant are wet.

Prefer aerated soil: African violets need aerated soil that will help the plant for easy root penetration and they’ll do best in peat based compost or potting mix. But, be sure that the soil mix for the plant has been sterilized to eliminate harmful bacteria and pests.

Fertilize regularly: You should feed African violets regularly, preferably twice in every month, except cold weather seasons. If fertilizing is not frequent, it becomes one of the main reasons for lack of bloom.

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