How To Grow Sunflower Plants In Your Garden?

As an industrious gardener you tend to look for flowers that can add beauty to your background landscape, this can be in its foliage and beautiful spectrum of colors.

growing sunflower plantOne of these plants that are popular with gardeners is the sunflower plant. This summer plant adds color to any garden.

The plant is also useful, the seeds in the flower’s head are used as bird food and the seeds have also been used to make cooking oil which most of us have used.

And in order for them to thrive and keep on surviving, they need to be strong.

Here are useful tips you can use to make sure your sunflower plants thrive throughout the year:

sunflowerGrowing sunflower plants is generally simple. They need little maintenance and can bloom in the summer if planted in the spring. If strong, these flowers continue to bloom year in year out. The sunflower plant has two varieties, that is, a dwarf variety and a variety that is larger and that can grow up to 6-10 foot in full sunlight.

Between the two varieties, growing the dwarf variety, also known s the Dwarf Sungold, is much easier as compared to the larger variety as these plants can grow to a maximum height of about 24 inches.

Firstly to make sure your sunflower plants thrive, you have to know how to grow it and look after it. Do some research beforehand and find out the conditions at which the sunflower plants thrive under, what makes it strong, its growing habits, the type of fertilizers needed if any feeding is needed and so on. Make sure beforehand that you will be able to look after it and provide for it as required.

Secondly make sure your sunflower plants get both shade and the sunlight. If there is a spot in your garden that can expose your sunflower plant to the sun during the day and to some shade in the afternoon, then make use of this spot for your sunflower plants to thrive.

Further, you should take much consideration in the location of your sunflower plants. If they are the tall variety, then it is a good idea to plant them next to a wall or a post that can hold their weight and support their stem growth for stronger plants.

The above tips are some of the many that you can use in growing your sunflower plants and making sure that they thrive throughout the year.

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