How To Take Care Of Amaryllis Bulbs?


Amaryllis is one of the most impressive flowers that can be grown indoors for house decoration.

Eye-catchy colors and amazing textures of the Amaryllis flowers makes it perfect choice for your home during winter.

With just little effort for caring, bulbs of Amaryllis will get bigger and produce wonderful flowers all year long.

Here are few tips that help to encourage re-bloom of the bulbs.

  • Once the complete bloom of the flower is finished, cut the stem just above the nose of Amaryllis bulb and keep the pot at a sunny window sill or under plant light.
  • Water is absolutely essential to keep the soil damp. Don’t ever try to dry out the plant and also apply water-soluble fertilizers almost half to the recommended strength for almost twice in a week.
  • In summer season, you can move the pot outdoors under a sunny spot, preferably move to window containers and treat it like a container plant. As it is summer, there are more chances for the plant to dry out. So, don’t allow this to happen and ensure that you keep soil moist always.
  • Promptly cut off the faded leaves and flowers of the plants and keep Amaryllis look beautiful as possible as you can.

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