Impatiens – In A Pot Or In The Ground Always A Colorful Companion


The Impatiens is one of the easiest plants to take care of whether it is planted in a pot and kept inside an apartment or simply allowed to grow on bushes in a very fertile garden.

growing ImpatiensThe Impatiens is one of the most common plants found during the ancient times in the Roman Empire houses favorite because of the superstition that it brings luck as well as because of the simple needs it has.

The Latin name of the plant explains the impatient behavior of giving birth to colorful flowers as soon as possible.

Impatiens reunites a great number of species with a large number of flower coloration, size and structure.

This flower is usually planted in the beginning of spring. A tray with garden soil is planted with seeds and the seeds are covered with a thin layer of dirt.

impatiens flowersThe tray is kept in a damp and dark place. When the first little plants appear, the tray is taken in a place with sun exposure and when the baby plants are big enough they are transplanted in the pots or in fertile ground.

They do not need a lot of watering but their soil needs to have enough and constant humidity. As long as their bed is moist it is enough for them to constantly grow and bloom. During summer it is better to administrate liquid fertilizers during watering. That will ensure shining amazing flowers.