Know Various Exotic Flower Species To Add In Your Garden


Are you thinking of adding flowers to your garden area? Flowers add bloom to the garden and the fragrance these flowers provide is ultimate.

As you have decided to add flowers to the garden area, select flowers that add grace to your garden.

Selecting perfect flowers for your garden is some what confusing as the garden flowers are many and selecting flowers from this wide range is some what daunting process.

What type of flowers you want to include in your garden: normal variety or exotic flowers? Many of you prefer exotic flowers in their garden, so know about some exotic garden flowers.

Different exotic flowers which can be introduced in the garden:

Dendrobiums: This particular flower has one thousand different species in their flower family. When talking about the hybrid variety in this flower, they are enormous.

This flower needs varied climatic conditions for growing. These are undoubtedly exotic flowers, but before planting in your home, see that the flower is accustomed to the altitude you are living. This is the first point to remember while selecting Dendrobium flower.

Calatheas: Scientifically known as the Genus Calathea, there are about three hundred species. The common growing method is you should grow them in shade and in place where humidity content is more. These flowers cannot stand sun for a large time and die if placed in sun for long time. These flowers need smaller amount of sun exposure that too the morning rising sun rays.

Miltonias: These are also referred as the Pansy Orchids; they come in ten different species and still stand in exotic flowers. Their primitive place is Brazil and these are warm-weathered flowers. The hybrid flowers are more famous than the normal straight flowers. These flowers if set up in your garden bring an ambience to the garden area with the fragrance they spread all around the garden.

Paphiopedilums: The root name of the flower is ‘Paphinia’, originated from a Greek god. There are about sixty species in this flowers and are originated from India and New Guinea.

This flower grows in only warm weather and need lot of warm temperature. Molted leaves Paphiopedilums should be grown in warm temperatures, where as the plain leafed Paphiopedilums should be grown in intermediate/cool temperature places.

Other than these exotic flowers there are some other flowers such as Cymbidiums, Odontolglossums, Oncidums, Vandas, Nelumbo, Nymphaea etc. to select for your garden.