Lilies – Majestic And Spectacular And So Out Of The Ordinary


Before you plant a plant from the Lilium family you will observe its bulb looks similar to a flower which has not opened yet.

The stem that will grow from it through which make way to dark green leaves that can grow even two meters high and the flowers will grow from its top.

If you plan to replant your Lilies the next season you might want to cultivate them in a place where the showing leaves or the stem which continues to grow in order to feed the bulb will not bother you.

After deciding you want to grow Lilies you can choose from more than 100 original species (which were combined by gardeners into a result of about 9000 hybrids), so it is almost impossible not to find one to match your taste.

Generally, there are nine classes of Liliums (depending on the original species they belong to). So you have Asiatic Liliums, original from central and eastern Asia (there you can find tones of pink, orange, red and yellow); the second division contain the Turk’s cap, also known as Turban Lilies, the flowers of which hang, with petals curling backwards, and among the others you have the Candium lilies, Lilium pardalinum, Lilium longiflorum.

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