Lilies Of The Valley To Charm Your House


There are certain flowers that bring more charm to a home than any other home decorations. Lilies of the valley are the jewels of the garden and can easily become the jewels of your home.

lilies of the valleyYou can have the beautiful Lily of the Valley growing in no time. You start by getting the ‘pips’ at a nursery or online. Simply find a 3 inch deep container and fill it with appropriate soil.

Soak the pips in water for a few hours and snip the roots off if they have them and proceed to plant them. Leave the tips of the pips showing above the soil and water liberally. Lilies like a lot of water.

liliy of the valleyYou should have lovely flowering plants within 3-4 weeks and if you want to transplant them outside when the weather warms up, that will not hurt the plants at all.

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