Make Your Creativity Bloom In Your Flower Garden With These Flower Gardening Tips!


Flower GardenFlower garden will give more pleasure to your eyes. Your garden looks bright and beautiful when the flower plants are planted in right combination.

You can place various types of flowers with different colors and aroma in your garden. The selection of flowers will indicate your nature.

Flower gardening tips to become more creative and effective flower gardener:

  • The availability of water should be more in the place where you have planned to have flower garden. You should not forget to test the fertility of the soil. Water is the important concept because in some seasons you need to water your plants twice or trice a day.
  • You should get an idea by reading the books or by surfing the internet, which type of flower plants makes your flower garden to look more beautiful. Try to make note of the flowers which looks more beautiful with its color and pattern.
  • Now go to the nursery and get the flower plants which are required. Try to be different; don’t get the flowers plants which are seen in most of the flower gardens. Have some special plants in your flower garden so that your style will be different from others.
  • Try to use tints or complimentary colors and shades of one color in your flower garden. Now plant large groups of contrasting flower plants next to each other in order to create a dramatic effect.
  • Try to plant individual ornamental grasses and shrubs in the groups of odd numbers in order to balance the visual aspects of your flower garden.
  • Don’t try to place more number of flower plants in short place. It will not give better impression and the growth of the plants will also become less because of less space.
  • Try to maintain your flower garden properly by deadheading flowers, pruning your shrubs and trees, and by cutting back frayed and old growth.
  • Add romance to your flower garden by growing vine-type and climbing flowers near the garden arbor and trellis.
  • Before planting the shrubs and plants, you have to keep their size of maturity in your mind. Depending on the size of maturity you have to place the plants otherwise they can become close to each other.
  • In order to obtain better visual balance, try to plant in curves other than straight lines and circles.
  • Use drip irrigation system in your flower garden. This drip irrigation system will be most useful for you if you want to save your water. Don’t forget to water the plants when it is not windy.
  • In order to avoid evaporation, try to water your flower plants in the early morning and in the late afternoon.
  • For natural pest control, try to introduce praying mantis, lady bugs and trichogramma wasps in your garden.
  • Instead of applying chemicals to eradicate the insects from your garden, try to place the plants which attracts bats, birds and which will eat the insect pest species.

Your flower garden will look more attractive if you follow the above tips.