Make Your Flowers Last Longer With A Drop Of Bleach


Perhaps you never heard about it, but bleach is actually good for your flowers. This can sound a bit odd, but this absolute cleaner is useful as it prevents the spreading of bacteria in your vase with cut flowers.

Many gardeners have used the bleach effect, because it prevents what you surely have noticed – sometimes the flowers in your vase become moldy.

Here comes the bleach. The bleach effect stops the molding of your cut flowers and keeps the water inside of the vase clean and bacteria free. Florists also use the bleach for preserving their cut flowers fresh for a long time.

Here are some tips how to use the bleach so to receive its healthy effect. Pour bleach in the vase every few days in order to keep the water clean.

Don’t add too much, because this will destroy the flowers. The right amount is 1/4 tsp. of bleach in a quart of water, combine them together and then add the flowers into the vase.

Stick to this amount and do it every four days. This will surely keep your flowers stay fresh longer. Overall, be extremely careful with the bleach, because breathing it can actually harm your health. Do not overdose it and make sure it doesn’t get into your eyes or mouth.