One Name – So Many Types Of Flowers


The so called “mycotroph” family of plants aren’t very popular for gardening, but they are definitely one of the most bizarre and strange flowers in the world, which look like plants from another planet.

These curious plants have one name, but actually they are different varieties. One of the most bizarre of them is a strange looking flower, which has no chlorophyll and receives its nutrition from the fungi in the soil.

A stunning type is the candy stick. This totally stunning flower looks really like a candy stick and it is often compared to soft coral.

The mycotroph family is notorious as plants that surely can add extraordinary vision. One of the spookiest plants on earth is exactly a member of their family.

The so called Ghost Plant looks phenomenal unusual and kind of scary. The look is because of the lack of chlorophyll and for long time scientists thought that it lives off dead organisms.

Actually same as other plants from its family, it gets its photosynthesis from the fungus in the soil below it. The curious flowers are yet unable to be grown as home flowers, but there are experts who work on the subject to create a prototype, which can be grown in your garden.