Organic Roses For Organic Cultures


For those gardeners that are orientated towards the organic cultures, there are several rose groups, which grow perfectly as an organic production.

One of the most famous species is the so called “Old Blush” rose. This Chinese beauty is said to be an example of organic rose growth as it possesses certain qualities. These are long life, easy growth and repeated bloom.

In this category we must add also “Souvenir de la Malmaison”. The French largest rose is notorious for its spicy scent and pink flowers.

Souvenir de la MalmaisonAn organic type that is easy to maintain is also the “Caldwell Pink”. This rose is a favorite to many gardeners due to its remarkable blooming qualities. It can bloom even under the burning summer sun.

Caldwell PinkA yellow princess, the “Perle d’Or’” is option for organic gardeners that want exotic and colorful gardens. Its flowers are yellow, pale apricot and tender orange.