Peonies: One Of The Most Beautiful Perennial Flowers To Include In Your Garden!


peoniesPeonies are one of the nicest summer blooms that you can add to your home garden.

Peony is one among the longest perennial plants that you’ll ever encounter.

It is quite easy to grow peonies. They stay where you put them and amazingly they live for 40 to 50 years and require very little attention of gardener.

To plant peonies, select an area in your garden that has well-draining soil and plenty of organic matter and receives six hours of sunlight in a day.

If necessary, add organic matter to the soil, mix compost or composted manure into the soil before planting the peonies.

Plant each bare root peony horizontally and about ½ inches deep into the soil surface. Always remember, don’t plant them too deeply into the soil as that can interrupt the growth of the plant.

After planting, water them well and keep the soil reasonably moist until the first frost. If your plant ceases flowering after few years, check whether they haven’t sunken too low into the soil bed. Even if too much soil accumulates over top of them, it will cease the flowering of the plant.

You can grow full bloom peonies, if you improve the soil nutrients every year.