Perennial Flower Garden Designs for a Constantly Beautiful Garden


Designing a garden isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first. In case you would like to make some changes, you should take a look at some tips regarding how to create flower garden designs. The first thing that you should do is to create a plan on paper. You don’t necessarily have to add all the flowers that you are going to use, just the major elements.

The point of view

When thinking about designing flower gardens you should start with deciding where you are going to look at the garden from. As you may know it is important to place the taller plants in the back and the smaller ones in the front to see all the blooms.

Flower Garden Designs

The blooms

Timing is everything when it comes to designing flower gardens and you might consider using perennials.

You have several options: the flower can be blooming in the spring, summer and fall, or a bit during the entire summer. If you make this decision you will know what kinds of plants to be looking for.

A lot of people think that all the flower garden designs should allow the flowers to bloom all summer. This isn’t entirely true, because if for instance you go away for the summer, the flowers should be blooming in the spring or fall so that you would get to see them.

The kind of garden that you have

Your garden is sunny or shady? If you are in the north, most probably the garden has sunshine between 10 am and 2 pm. It is also possible that you have sun at other hours, before or after or you might have a shady garden, with sunshine early in the morning or in the evening.

This is something you have to consider when thinking about designs for flower garden. You have to choose the flowers according to their requirements, but you could also do some experiments.

Making choices

If you are looking for flower garden designs that allow you to have blooms all summer long, the secret is to have flowers from all three blooming periods. Have equal amounts of them to create a balance in the garden.

Another thing that you should know regarding designs for flower garden is to space the different kinds of flower equally in the garden. You shouldn’t have a spot with spring flowers or summer flowers.


In case you go to a garden center in the spring, the only flowers that are blooming are the spring bloomers. In case of the flower garden designs it is important to get summer and fall bloomers as well which at that moment may be looking as chunks of green. Forget that color sells. Think practically. It is very useful to go shopping with a list.

If you are looking for perennials designs for flower garden, keep in mind that they are constantly changing, so if you make a decision now, you can change things in the future. There are many ideas for flower garden designs, what is the one you like most?