Primroses To Add Color To A Garden Rosette


primrosesIf you are looking for a perennial flower to add interest and enliven an area of your garden, which doesn’t get much light, go for primroses.

Primroses usually come in a wide variety of colors, including amazing shades of red, yellow, pink, white and purple.

The main need of primroses is cool growing conditions, moist soil, adequate amounts of water as well as good drainage. While they can grow in sunny areas, they also need partial shade.

When choosing primroses for your garden during spring, choose plants that are already blooming and select colors that gel with the rest of your garden. Because primroses thrive in dark, moist areas, they are more prone to fungal infections like leaf spot. So, be vigilant and remember to eliminate the infected leaves of the plant.

Suitable primrose companions for partly shaded, moist areas include azaleas and rhododendrons. These two species will add a fussy splash of color to your garden, if you plant them at the base of hostas and ferns.