Protecting Rose Bushes In Freezing Temperatures


rose bushesWhether you grow them in a rose garden or as part of a perennial collection, rose bushes need special attention and care during winter.

The first and foremost step in protecting rose plants in winter is planting tough roses in your garden.

After that, there are just a few tips you need to care for your rose bushes in winter.

Ensure that you provide enough water

After the first frost, ensure that you thoroughly water the soil around the rose plant or bush. Once the ground or soil around the rose bush freezes, the rose plant starts to take care of itself. So, ensure you water the rose bushes thoroughly.

Use mounding soil method

Start this mounding soil method after a week of freezing temperatures. The mounding soil method entails surrounding the rose bush with hardware cloth and sinking it into the ground.

Loosely tie cane around it and mound 8 to 10 inches of soil around the base of the plant. After the soil freezes, you should mulch the base of the rose bush with evergreen straws.

Prevent problems that arise from over winterizing

Various problems may arise due to over-wintering your rose plant. Try to identify all these problems and take the necessary steps.

For example, remove fallen leaves surrounding the rose plant. This can help your rose bush to combat insects and diseases triggered by over-wintering.

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