Raspberries Are Not Exactly That Much Of An Adventure For Gardeners

Growing raspberries may sound adventure to any gardener, but it is actually easy and doesn’t require so much care. The typical sorts of raspberries that are easy to grow are ‘Boyne’, ‘Nova’, and ‘Nordic’, in case you are in the Northern areas.

If you are living in the South you can try the easy cultivated raspberries sorts such as “Dorman Red”, “Bababerry” and “Southland”.

One of the most important things you need to do if you decide to have raspberries in your own garden is to find a site with good air circulation and full sun.

The site should be chosen very carefully. Avoid areas with high winds, which can damage the plants.

Always plant the raspberries far from other cultures. They need to be at least 30 m away from any similar plants. The soil you need to grow healthy raspberries is fertile and well-drained.
Make sure you are not planting them in the same soil you used to grow tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplants and roses, because the soil still contains diseases, which can ruin your plants.

Provide proper watering in the first weeks of the raspberries growth and make sure their roots are deeper in the soil. Once they start to grow, watering isn’t necessary.