Rose Pruning – The Delight Of Spring Gardening


Roses are the bespoke queens of any garden. Pruning is a process that seems not easy to manage. Often gardeners are wondering how exactly to prune the roses, without destroying their growth. By pruning you are healing the diseased part of the pants, as well as you are removing the dead stems and canes.

This will reduce the size of the plant, but will surely guarantee healthy plant growth. The right time for pruning the roses is between January and April, when the weather is not yet hot.

pruning rose plantPruning of the roses is easy to work out. You need only to cut back the dead wood off your plant. It usually goes as cutting 18 to 24 inches. This moderate pruning promises larger bushes. When it comes to the canes, you must cut to leave at least three canes.

This is extremely helpful and contributes to get larger blooms. In case your climate is warmer, you need to apply deeper pruning that will guarantee further growth of your roses.