Six Of The Prettiest And Easiest To Grow Seasonal Flowers


Firstly determine what is the best season to grow each of these flowers in your particular part of the world; and whether you will get best results in spring, summer etc.

Each of these; i.e. pansies, phlox, Salvias, poppies, nasturtiums as well as hollyhocks will grow perfectly well together in the same season. Each of them will grow very easily next year from seeds you dry out this year.

Together they provide a riot of mixed colors that are stunningly beautiful.

We start with the shortest plant to the tallest plant in that order, and beds can also be laid out accordingly:

Nasturtiums: Bright orange and yellow trumpet shaped flowers appear stunning against the green foliage of characteristic shield shaped leaves. The plant spreads well and fills up a flower bed making it appear full and lovely.

Pansies: This plant will grow a little higher than the nasturtium by about a few inches. With their characteristic, delicate inverted J shaped stems supporting the flower, the flowers can be in a number of different colors and combinations.

Bright yellow, mixed with deep purple or a lighter hue of blue make this a uniquely different flower.

Phlox: Phlox grow to about the same height as the pansy plant and can be an interesting amalgam of colors side by side.

Phlox grow in little bunches in colors ranging from white to light pink to magenta, purple and even a very pale orange at times. These flowers are a lovely addition to any wild flower arrangement in the home.

Salvias: These are hardy plants that have a long flowering season and need very little tending. The bright red blooms create a colorful and cheery ambience in any flower garden. They are about a foot higher than the phlox and can create an interesting juxtaposition.

Poppies: Poppies grow wild in many places, so easy are they to grow. Red being their main color, they may be in pink, white or orange as well.

They are easily grown from seed, simply scatter a handful of seeds into the bed and cover with thin layer of soil. The blooms are short lived and delicate, but are the very essence of a seasonal flower garden.

Hollyhock: Hollyhocks grow very tall; as tall as 10-12 feet or more, and the various colors of their flowers range from white to pale pink, to deep red to deepest maroon. They can be truly spectacular flowers, and the hardiness of the plant makes them easy to grow.