Spring Time To Enjoy Indoor Gardening With Tulip Bulbs!


tulip bulbsAre you interested in gardening indoor? It is correct time to grow tulips.

Spring time in the middle of winter can be enjoyed because at this time bulbs bloom indoors. Blooming flowers in the middle of winter are always a welcome sight.

If you would like to grow some flowering tulip bulbs for the holidays, it’s time to get started in the month of October and November.

If you start in these months or before, then you can get blooming flowers by Christmas.

You can get more gorgeous and beautiful colors packed away in their sleek brown bulbs. Tulips require a period of cold while they are dormant and resting between shows. That means you must plant before freezing weather, and then get your great display in the spring weeks.

Few guide lines to select tulips

If you want to plant tulip bulbs, it is important to select which one you want to plant and the quality of the bulbs. Tulip bulbs are graded according to circumference. All types and different sizes are offered at sale dealers.

The biggest bulbs naturally produce the largest flowers. Select tulip varieties and types by color and form, local adaptation and bloom time [Flower gardening tips].

One thing you have to keep in mind while selecting is that, hybrid tulips look beautiful for the first year but in the second season the bulbs may produce smaller flowers and after about three years there will be no flowers at all. So, be careful while selecting.

Growing tulip bulbs

  • You can get various varieties of tulips with different colors and sizes. The large flowered can be easily grown in six inch pots.
  • The first thing you have to do is keep the potted bulbs in a cool light place at about 50 degrees until the roots are well developed. When leaves start to appear, move into a warmer room. Bulbs bloom in about six weeks from planting.
  • You can use as many tulip bulbs as you can fit in the pot without touching.
  • Plant the bulbs in clay pot in soil such that only the bulb noses are shown, and water them well.
  • Tulips need 12 to 14 weeks of cooling, during this time the roots will develop. You can place them in a refrigerator, or a place where temperatures stay below 45 degrees and above freezing.
  • When the roots are well developed, bring them into a bright, cool room and they will bloom in two to three weeks.

Know about tulips

Tulip bulbs must be planted in the late fall or in early winter. You can grow tulips under deciduous trees where it’s too shady for bloom later.

Tulips do best in a loose and well drained soil. You can increase your plantings by lifting and dividing original bulbs when out of bloom. Plant food should be applied above the bulbs but not where it can touch them.

If you water them early when buds are raising, you will get larger tulip bulb blooms and taller stems.