The Adventure of Growing Orchids


Many plant loving people prefer to grow orchids inside the home rather than outside in a garden. The orchids are exotic plants slightly sensible and picky, and especially because that it is mandatory you would follow some rules when growing them.

purple orchidThe home grown orchids need the right amount of light and in case you do not offer it to them, the leaves will color in a darker shade of green.

The room where you keep them into, must be filled with light for as long as possible during the day but the plants should not be exposed to direct contact with sun rays because they risk to get “sunburned”

If you cannot offer them the natural light they need, you can always go for artificial fluorescent light you can obtain from special types of neon bulbs available in the garden shops.

When you grow orchids the temperature inside the house, and especially inside the room you are placing the orchids, must not go below 15 degrees Celsius.

The large majority of orchid species need a temperature between 21 and 29 degrees during the day and 15-18 degrees during the night.

In case these scented flowers are kept on a window sill, they should be moved during night because the cold can damage the plant if the windows aren’t properly insulated.

watering orchidHumidity is a very important factor as far as orchids go. Since they are tropical plants they love humidity. Using a water sprayer to increase air humidity is the right way to go. Also the watering must take place every morning.

A very practical way to keep the humidity in the air around the plant is to place the flower pot on a tray filled with pebbles covered by water. The water will evaporate and this way it will offer the necessary humidity to the orchid.

The indoors grown orchids need the right water quantity. The plants must be watered heavily in the morning and the next watering must take place when the flower bed is almost dry.

The water must also be slightly warm in order to prevent eventual health problems occurring to the plant.

A good air circulation is essential for the health of the plant because it prevents the fungus and the bacteria from infecting the leaves when they are sprayed with water. A fan placed in the vicinity of the orchids will solve the problem.