Top 5 Flowers For An Attractive Garden


rose gardenFlowers bring more color and life to your garden. Their vibrant display of colors can attract passersby and lure butterflies into your garden.

Moreover, their distinct fragrance serves as a natural air freshener in your yard and inside the house.

However, choosing the right kind of flowering plants to grow in your garden can be tricky.

Below are the top five flowers you must include in your lovely garden:

1. Roses

Roses are everybody’s favorite and you must have a few planted in your garden. Grow roses of different colors like white, red, and pink. They are very attractive to the eyes and very fragrant at the same time.

2. Orchids

They can be sensitive but with proper care, orchids can make every flower garden special. Grow them in drift woods or in tree trunks in your yard.

3. Hibiscus

Hibiscus may not have the sweet scent of other flowers but they have large, impressive petals that attract butterflies. Grow them in pots or planted on the ground.

4. Daisies

These are cute, delicate flowers that can be grown easily. They are low maintenance too.

5.  Petunia

Petunias may be common but they come in different varieties, shades, and shapes which make them ideal for your flower garden.

A flower must be alive with colors and natural scents of flowers. You too can have the best flower garden in the neighborhood by growing roses, orchids, hibiscus, daisies, and petunia at home.