Top 6 Tips that can Help you with Growing Poppies

tips that can help you with growing poppies

Poppies are beautiful and versatile plants which come in many varieties and are tough ones which can grow in even tough weather conditions. They thrive in any well-draining soils and once a person gets enough flowering poppies, he/she can use its seeds to plant new ones the following year.  If you wish to grow attractive looking and healthy poppies, then the following tips and suggestions could prove to be of a lot of use to you:

tips that can help you with growing poppies1. Select the Site

The first step that you need to follow to grow poppies is to select the right spot or site for them to bloom healthily. These plants grow well in areas which get a lot of sunlight and have well drained soil which is not too acidic in nature. The pH level of the soil needed for these plants to grow should be around 6.

2. Dig Holes in Flower Beds

Now that you have selected the site to grow the poppies, you must prepare to dig holes in the flower beds.  You must plant the seeds about 1-2 inches deep and there must be a space of around 10 inches between each of the seeds. These plants can grow to a height of about 12 to 24 inches.

3. Water them Well

In order to grow poppies well and in a healthy way, you need to water them well. Water them until the soil is completely moist. Also you need to add mulch around the plants in order to avoid weeds from growing and damaging the plants.

4. Deadhead them on Time

Another step that you need to follow in order to grow the poppies right is to deadhead them on the right time. They bloom in the summers and if they are not deadheaded, growing new blooms won’t be promoted.  If head are not removed, the poppies tend to self-seed and can take over the entire garden.

5. Grow them in Several Stages

Another tip to remember while growing poppies is that you should allow them to grow in several stages which means plant them in groups after a gap of one or two weeks.  This will result in colourful poppies for a longer duration of time.

6. Mix Poppy Seeds with Sand

It is a good idea to mix the poppy seeds with sand in a small container as sand helps to space the seeds out and apart from one another.