Water Lilies To Enhance The Beauty Of Backyard Pond


Water lilies are marvelous water plants that contribute to overall look of your pond.

With beautiful shapes and excellent colors from white, pinks to blues and reds, the foliage of water lilies can bring big attraction to your water garden.

If you are really interested in growing lilies to enhance the beauty of water garden, here are few tips for growing water lilies.

  1. For planting water lilies, choose 12 to 18 inches wide basket. Check whether the basket has drain holes in bottom, so that the dirt doesn’t come out when you lower the basket.
  2. Ensure that you plant water lilies in a sunny spot to flower well. This can help the plants to open their flowers fully in the sun light.
  3. Avoid growing water lilies near fountains, as they basically grow in still water.
  4. Don’t plant water lilies too deep as this could lead to prolonged non flowering of the plant. Remove the flower of the plant in the first year, which helps the plant to establish its new environment.
  5. Feed water lily plant with fertilizer tablet only twice in every year. This can ensure foliage of good water lilies in your pond.

Water lilies are absolutely trouble free aquatic plants to grow, as they may suffer with few pests and diseases. But, be cautious while using chemical controls in your pond, which can certainly cause harm to water lilies.