7 Tips For Growing Water Melons


watermelonIts summer time and you want something to cool you down during those hot days.

You decide to plant watermelons, one of the most favored fruits for that season and here’s how you go about it.

1. Watermelon growing favors humid and warm climates so if your climate is cool the plant may not thrive as well as expected. Wait until your soil is warm and if your garden is prone to frost, then keep the heat in the soil by mulching with black plastic film.

Grass mulch may also do if put on the ground in a very much careful manner. You will need plenty of grass to make sure that the soil is well covered.

2. The watermelon plant needs lots of sunlight so make sure you plant it where it is exposed to sun for as long as possible. Also, it needs good circulation so make sure to weed the area regularly.

Do not use inorganic weed killers as these may either kill the plant or reduce its growth. The weed killers also contribute to the taste of the watermelons.

3. When growing watermelon, right before you plant, it is advised to dig organic matter into the soil for instance, dead leaves and vegetable peelings. You could also add garden fertilizer as well as the organic matter for the best results.

Making compost before growing watermelons will also be useful as these provides the natural nutrients for a good plant growth.

4. Choose a slightly sandy, well drained area for where you want to plant. Dig holes of around 2ft across and 1ft deep. If you plan on planting a garden-full then separate the holes by at least 3ft. depending on how big the type of watermelon you have, the distance between holes can get to be as much as twelve feet. (This is for the giant kind).

5. I would recommend starting from seeds as transplanted seedlings do not do as well. Planting the melons from seeds is very much easy as the watermelon seeds are not that choosy when it comes to the type of soil.

6. Watermelons are a water filled vegetable, so make sure to water your plant regularly. They need at least 1 inch of water each week. Too much water is not recommended as it makes the fruit very much watery and tasteless.

7. Watermelon growing is very simple and you don’t need any experience at all in farming, all you need to do is follow the tips laid down for you in this article. If you follow these watermelon growing tips, within 35-40 days you will be enjoying your juicy, tasty watermelons.

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