Bosc Pears – A Delight At Hand With A Bit Of Work


Not by far the best looking pears but definitely the tastiest, the Bosc Pears are a real treat, especially if you grow them in your own garden.

A way to do that is using seeds, but the most indicated method is by planting the grafted trees and this way avoiding the possible diseases.

Here is how you should plant it and help it grow. The first thing you should do is cut the top of the tree as soon as you fix it in the ground so that it will form a nice shape; every spring, you should do the same, just this time cut a third of each branch so that the leaves will have enough space to breathe.

When your Bosc Pear tree begins to bloom, make sure to remove any branches that produce more fruit buds than they can hold.

That will assure you the branches will not break when the fruits are almost formed. The best way to fertilize a Bosc Pear tree is by using natural compost each and every spring; and you will need to spread it around the drip line of the tree.

In the harvest season you should obtain leathery skinned fruits with a very strong flavor. Once you have tried them you will know no other pears are as good as the Boscs.